• Anastasia Climan

Discover Strength in Abundance

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Our mindset influences the decisions we make and the outcomes we receive.

For many, the world is a scary place that requires a rigid stance of vigilance. Fear feeds the growing desperation to preserve every asset and overthink each choice-- usually to conclude that risks are not worth taking.

This "scarcity mindset" is a limiting belief that our present circumstance is always preferable to what's possible.

Operating from a scarcity mindset may be misconstrued as a mode of self-preservation.

But, do we better our chance of survival by living out of fear?

When we clench onto the present, our hands aren't free to craft solutions or accept new gifts. There's no room for opportunity, no space to collect fortunes.

Additionally, refusing to let go doesn't safeguard against loss. Comfort zones offer a false sense of security. They do nothing to strengthen or protect us.

As long as the planet remains in perpetual motion, the only constant in the world is change. To stay still is to stiffen and become weaken and crack.

Rather than fight against it, we must embrace the constant flux to open our hearts to the world's many riches. Recognize the wealth of possibilities that ebb and flow with each passing moment. Resilience is rooted in our ability to adapt, bend, and see beyond obstructions.

Be conscious of thoughts, as they become words and, ultimately, actions (with consequences). Instead of scarcity, a mindset of abundance fuels unlimited growth, even on the Earth's ever-tumultuous ground.

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