• Anastasia Climan

Don't Delay, The World Awaits

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

On my 32nd birthday, 7th wedding anniversary, and 2nd year as a freelancer, I couldn't be more satisfied with where my life stands today. In the aftermath of spinning my wheels and feeling trapped, here are a few hard-earned truths I know for sure. 1. Bet on yourself. Don't doubt your abilities or your worth. If you're confident in the value you provide, walk away from people or paths that diminish you. 2. The secret to success is persistence-- not luck. Michael Jordan, Will Smith, Steve Jobs, and countless others have said it. Forget about getting "discovered." Be relentlessly more persistent than your competition, and you'll always win. If you get knocked down (and you will, many times), feeling sorry for yourself does nothing. Get up faster. Go again. 3. You can't force something that isn't right. Don't confuse hard work with drowning on a sinking ship. If you're miserable, take calculated risks and move on sooner than later. Something better is waiting. You'll never get there if you aren't brave enough to say goodbye to your oppressors (including fear). Abundance is a mindset, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Millions of opportunities surround us every day. Free yourself and above all, never settle.

The world awaits.

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