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life gives 

you lemons

I'm Anastasia. Mom, Wife & Entrepreneur.

Choosing to make lemonade, one day at a time.

Life is tough. It is easy to feel like the word "YES" is a distant childhood dream. Adulthood is full of obligations, disappointments and uncertainty. Sometimes, you have no choice but to build your own "YES" from scratch. That's why I created this site.


No longer willing to accept what life was handing me, I decided to put creativity, fulfillment and passion back on the menu. Here's to rediscovering the SPARK- learning to Thrive rather than Survive.

Are you struggling? Whether it's the trials of motherhood, a messy house, stressful job, health concerns, or a general lack of excitement about your life, I'm here to help.

What I Offer

As an experienced wellness coach and registered dietitian, I give clients the tools to overcome challenges that can sour daily life. I believe that You are the expert on You. Through my interactive coaching platform and blog, I offer support and practical tips on nutrition, parenting, minimalism and effective communication.

Together, we can balance the bitterness & sweeten the batch.