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Anastasia ClimaN, RDN

Medical Writer & Editor


I break down scientific research into digestible health content.


Christine Albino, MSc
Senior Medical Editor
STA Healthcare Communications

"We’ve collaborated with Anastasia on several meeting reports, and she is a pleasure to work with. She is very professional and delivers work on time. 

Her writing style is engaging, providing the right tone for the right audience. She is a master in synthesizing an enormous amount of information and filtering out key messages.

I highly recommend Anastasia to anyone who is looking for a professional, reliable and exceptional medical writer. She is one of the best medical writers I’ve worked with."


Richard Lally,
Managing Editor

"Anastasia Climan started working with our Dotdash Quality Team in September 2019. From the very first day, she impressed us as a meticulous fact-checker and a top-notch editor.


When it comes to content creation, she has all the gifts: an engaging writing style, an impressive work ethic, and a dedication to getting things right. She improves every article she touches. I recommend her talents to anyone who wants to work with a consummate professional."


Kelsey Filleul,
Managing Editor

"Anastasia is a joy to work with. She always puts her best foot forward, works hard, and gets everything done in a timely fashion.


She does an exceptionally good job of writing content with an exciting and energetic tone that is hard for most writers to capture. I have always found her written work engaging and compelling to read."




Salvatore Viscomi, MD
Chief Medical Officer

“As the Chief Medical Officer at GoodCell, I’ve seen Anastasia develop whitepapers, comprehensive testing reports, and new content for our member dashboard. She investigates medical literature with high accuracy and attention to detail.


Deadlines are never a concern, as she provides a quick turnaround time when generating material and responding to feedback. Anastasia is a valued member of our medical team, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services."

Anita Chandrasekaran, MD/MPH

"I am a rheumatologist who previously worked at Yale New Haven Hospital. Diet is one of the most frequently asked about topics among rheumatology patients, and educational resources were scarce in my clinic. Anastasia assisted in creating a detailed and accessible handout on the topic of diet and autoimmunity, which all of my patients love."


Jim Frew,
Head of Operations

"GoodCell is a personal biobanking service that offers testing and services to help our members to take control of their health. As a direct-to-consumer service, we needed a medical writer who could help interpret and present clinical information in a way that connects on a personal level.

Anastasia added immediate value to our team. She helped us update current materials and is part of the team that is refining and developing our content going forward. Anastasia’s work ethic is impressive, she makes herself available for multiple team meetings, contributes and advises, and turns the work around as promised. I highly recommend Anastasia as a medical writer and I am glad she is part of our team."


DJ Zauner,
Owner of Half Full Marketing

"Anastasia has written dozens and dozens of articles for my company. She has written about a wide range of topics and delivered top-tier professional writing for each of them. Not only is her work well-written and unique, but it is also delivered on time. She has even been able to produce high-quality work in a pinch to meet surprise deadlines. All of her work is exceptional, and I would highly recommend Anastasia as a talented writer."


Katharine Jose,
Managing Editor

"Anastasia has been an integral part of our website launch and a valuable member of our freelance writing team. She is always available to take whatever assignments we need fulfilled and does a wonderful job with research, tone, and execution. Additionally, her work is always on time. Anastasia imbues all of her articles with heart and compassion, and that goes a long way with medical articles. We wholeheartedly recommend Anastasia!"


Xibei Jia,


"As an OBGYN, I have reached out to Anastasia various times over the years for assistance proofreading anything from personal statements to grant applications. She is skilled in various forms of medical writing and always timely and professional."

Kelly Crumin

Senior Editor



"Anastasia has been contributing articles on chronic conditions to MyHealthTeam since 2021. She’s a smart, highly skilled writer and a valuable addition to any health content team. She’s always reliable, easy to work with, and attentive to feedback."

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Do you need health blogs, email campaigns, or slide decks?

My clients range from healthcare start-ups to global marketing agencies.

I'm well-versed in a range of therapeutic areas, including:


  • Cardiology

  • Dermatology

  • Diabetes

  • Fertility

  • Mental Health

  • Nutrition

  • Oncology

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Rare Diseases

  • Rheumatology

  • Supplements

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